Strategy &

To thoroughly understand and take into account the needs of the direct community, and develop the appropriate strategic, integrated and systematic responses to ensure our social license to operate by leveraging our strengths as a network provider to meet the needs of the larger society and create the share value which ultimately be viewed as an industry leader in a socially responsible business.

AIS strongly believes in the power of faith, hope, love and inspiration,
and with this film, we believe that we can make our society,
and the world, a better place to live in

Material aspects :

Material Aspects

Local community acceptance

Performance :

Performance Highlight

Aor Sor Mor Online application has been downloaded more than 23,000 times, and is accessible by more than 1,200 THPHs across Thailand.

2023 ambition :

2023 ambition :

1 million people of village health volunteers can access to Aor Sor Mor Online application