AIS Secure Net

Cyber threats protection service
The service will notify you when a risk is
detected and block access to websites that
carry a security risk in the form of viruses,
malware or other cyber threats, as well as
websites with unsuitable content. The service
protects those browsing via the AIS 4G ADVANCED
and AIS 3G networks, without the need to download
any additional applications.

There are 2 packages to choose from

AIS Secure Net Kids

Suited to internet users between the ages of 5-12 years.

AIS Secure Net

Suitable for general internet use.

Service overview

Notify when a risk is detected and block access to websites that carry a security risk

Protect, detect and filter websites that may place you at risk or carry cyber security threats when accessed via your internet browser. The service will notify the user and block access to websites that carry the following types of cyber security threat:

  • Hacking/Computer Crime
  • Spam URLs
  • Illegal Software
  • Phishing
  • Malicious Sites
  • Viruses
  • Spyware/Adware
  • Remote Access Tools
*The service allows users to ignore the block by clicking “accept and enter the website” so that users may access websites that have been blocked by the system (only available when using the AIS Secure Net package).

Notify you when unsuitable content is detected and block access to websites which contain unsuitable content

Protecting your children and younger family members from websites with unsuitable content when accessing the internet through a browser by notifying you when unsuitable content is detected and blocking access when a website contains any of the following material:

  • Pornographic websites
  • Websites containing references to alcohol, addictive substances and smoking
  • Websites containing firearms and violent content
  • Peer-to-peer websites
  • Dating websites
  • Websites linked to defamation of character(s)
  • Gambling websites and websites containing pay-to-play games
  • Websites associated with online hacking
  • Websites promoting astrology, belief in supernatural powers or racial profiling

Service usage instructions

Notify and block websites

carrying a cyber threats:

  1. Type the URL or click on the website link.
  2. The system will notify you and block access when a website carrying a security risk has been entered.
  3. Click “back” to use the browser to access other websites.

Package Secure Net

Free of charge until 31 August 2021 and no charge more on data usage

AIS Secure Net Kids

Suited to internet users between
the ages of 5-12 years
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AIS Secure Net

Suitable for general
internet use.
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If I use service, will there be any protection?

There will be protection for certain applications that ask about IP from DNS system. Applications in such a group will be protected with AIS Secure Net Kids and AIS Secure Net services. However, in such applications, there will not be any blocking page popping up in the application in order to block the use. In addition, for some applications, there will not be any content shown.

If I use a website through AIS WiFi, will I be protected?

No, you will not be protected. This service can protect the use through a browser when you use AIS 4G ADVANCED and AIS 3G only. In the future, the use of AIS Super WiFi and AIS Fibre will be supported.
** In case of a phone with dual SIM cards from two service providers, the service can be used only AIS SIM card is selected as the primary one for data use.

Can I use the service in a foreign country?

The service cannot be used in any foreign country. Using the service in a foreign country, you will not be protected by the service.

If I find a possible threatening website that kids may access but it’s not on the AIS Secure Net filter list, what can I do?

Customers can add the site to the filter list by contacting at 1175.

How do I cancel the service?

You can terminate the packages by:

  • For AIS Secure Net Kids – Dial *689*51*the last 6 digits of the ID card number# and call out to terminate the service.
  • For AIS Secure Net –Dial *689*61# and call out or use the myAIS application to terminate the service.

Is this service available on all types of SIM card?

This service is available on most types of SIM cards except Traveler SIM, SIM2Fly and Asian SIM (Myanmar SIM and Cambodia SIM).

Will this service be available on all types of device?

Available on iOS, Android and Window Phone.

If my device has a virus or malware in it, will this service clean the threats too?

This service cannot remove threats that the device is previously infected with. However, the service will block these threats from transmitting data to the server and prevent the device from being further infected.

Can I turn off the web filter service or the virus/malware prevention service or both after I’ve subscribed?

Customers cannot turn off one or all of the service after subscription. The service is already configured to match either children or regular users' usage.

Will the service affect my internet usage privacy?

All your personal data such as your IP address, website or access will be stored, analyzed and compared with our service database to make sure that the AIS Secure Net Kids and AIS Secure Net services can perform at maximum potential. However, the data will not be shared, to ensure customer’s privacy.

What if I use the number that is subscribed to this service and share to another device, will that device be protected as well?

That device will also be protected. However, customers should register any device where they might use the service for greater convenience and to reduce error.

Are there any services that cannot be used in conjunction with the AIS Secure Net?

  • MultiSIM and MultiSIM PLUS
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Will this service affect my smartphone performance?

This service will not affect your devices since all alerts and blocks are carried out within the AIS 4G ADVANCE and AIS 3G network servers.

Will this service charge more on my data usage?


What is Safe search Function?

In AIS Secure Net Kids package, you will see the Safe Search function that can filter all inappropriate keywords for the use of search engines such as Bing, Google, Youtube and DuckduckGo.

During the use, if there is a blocking page or warning that is not a blocking page from the service, what should I do?

Encountering a blocking page or any warning, whether from the browser you are using or from any governmental agency, you should avoid that website. Otherwise, if you accept and agree to use the website despite the warning you see, the system will block that website again for the highest possible safety of yours.

Can this service block images and video streamings with inappropriate contents from websites or applications?

Yes, it can if such websites or applications are in the database system and have been set to be blocked. However, websites or public platforms that allow the exchange of images or videos, such as Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, cannot be blocked. (The contents that are images, clips or video streaming of each user that is uploaded on public websites or platforms are personal information. The system cannot access to or block such contents.)