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Discover the world of freedom with One-2-Call! today and get free call bonus and other privileges

One-2-Call! Chat SIM

For newly One-2-Call! Chat SIM customer.

SIM PACKAGE Call Rate (exclusive of VAT) Validity Period

Chat SIM

69 Baht SIM
  • Calls to Chat SIM*
    0.50 Baht/ minute over 24 hours.

    Calls other number out of Chat SIM Network

    0.50 Baht/ minute; 2 Baht for
    the first minute over 24 hours.

July 31st, 2014.

(Call Rate &
MSN Service)

  • • Windows Live Messenger (MSN) Service Rate
    is charged 17 Baht/ week, feel free to be
    online on MSN over 24 hours.
  • • Facebook & Twitter service is charged with GPRS regular rate or the current package rate.

* Calls to Chat SIM is charged 0.50/ minute (exclusive of 7% VAT) with regular call rate, Free Call Bonus is
incapable (Top Up is needed).

Privileges for customer who signs up for MSN Service from Chat SIM

  • • Newly sign up for Chat SIM Service and send SMS by typing “R” to send to 4817777 for registering to Windows
    Live Messenger (MSN). Free! 7 days of MSN Service test from Chat SIM
  • • Special offers! Get 7 validity days for every week in case of MSN charge is capable.

Terms & Conditions of activating Live Messenger (MSN)/ Facebook & Twitter Service from Chat SIM

  • • Activate New Chat SIM with regular mobile phone, feel free to be online from Windows Live Messenger-MSN
    Service over 24 hours with special price only 17 Baht/ week (2.50 Baht/ day).
  • • After activating Chat SIM Service, send SMS by typing “R” to 4817777 (Top Up is needed).
  • • To resign the service, send SMS by typing “STOP” to 4817777.
  • • For One-2-Call! or other kinds of Sawasdee SIM customers, registering to Windows Live Messenger (MSN) Service
    is not allowed.
  • • For Facebook and Twitter Service, you can use the service immediately without registration (only with
    the mobile phone that supports EDGE / GPRS).
  • • Facebook or Twitter Status Updating is charged 1 Baht/ time.
  • • Facebook or Twitter Status photo Uploading rate follows regular GPRS rate or your current package.
  • • More information, please check Chat SIM Quick Manual.

Current One-2-Call! customer is capable to be on MSN, just to:

  • • Switch your new SIM card at AIS Shop and Telewiz Shop nationwide.
  • • Start switching from August 5th, 2010.
  • • 39 Baht is charged to switch the SIM card from One-2-Call! to Chat SIM.
  • • For SIM card switching, you will receive the right to use the service of Windows Live Messenger (MSN) /
    Facebook / Twitter.
  • • The service rate will remain to your current rate.

Quick Manual
Twitter & Facebook usage

  1. 1. Free! 15 Baht bonus call and 30 days validity when you activate One-2-Call! Chat SIM.
  2. 2. 2 Baht/ SMS, 6 Baht/ MMS and 1 Baht/minute EDGE and GPRS (Call rate is inclusive of VAT).
  3. 3. One hour free of EDGE/ GPRS every week will remain until August 31, 2010 only. You will get this privilege after the day that weekly MSN Service charge is capable.
  4. 4. You will get 7 days validity after the day that weekly MSN Service charge is capable and the validity remain within 365 days (Maximum validity up to 365 days).
  5. 5. Windows Live Messenger (MSN) Service is charged 17 Baht/ week, this rate will be charged every 7 days after activation.
  6. 6. To resign the Windows Live Messenger (MSN) service, send SMS by typing “STOP” to 4817777.
  7. 7. In the case the system is incapable to charge MSN Service from your account for 30 days, the system will resign the service immediately. You have to make the new registeration if you would like to have this service.
  8. 8. Get minimum 30-day validity at every balance top up
  9. 9. This call plan will access for now – August 31, 2013.
  10. 10. Free bonus checking, press *121*1#
  11. 11. Balance checking, press *121#
  12. 12. The rate of Windows Live Messenger (MSN) / Facebook / Twitter Service is capable in the country only.
  13. 13. This rate is capable only domestic call rate and domestic additional service.
  14. 14. Balance Transfer Service by *140 will be capable after 90 days activation, Validity Transfer will be capable after 30 days activation (For new customer).
  15. 15. The company reserves the right to adjust call rate and term & conditions without prior notice.