WiFi Applications

AIS WiFi Smart Login is an application for Android smartphone users to help connect to 3G and WiFi networks automatically.
It gives you unlimted access to enjoy free Internet activities that let you search, post and share using online technology to answer your every demand without any interferance through automatic 'Smart Login' access with AIS SUPER WiFi nationwide.
As soon as you enter your user name and password to enter the WiFi service, the application will search for a signal and then connect you automatically whenever you are within the range of the service. So, you don't need to remember your user name or password after that. So, you will instantly be able to enjoy a higher grade of WiFi service.
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For package subscribers
To connect to [email protected] AIS SUPER WiFi,
AIS WiFi SMART signals
For package subscribers
To connect to [email protected] AIS SUPER WiFi and AIS WiFi SMART signals
If you are interested in registering as a postpaid WiFi packages subscriber and receive a username and password (in case you forgot yours), call Tel. *388*1# and follow the instructions.