More Experience step of the online with AIS WiFiunlimited such as chat ,share and post
with a wireless technology that support of all your need without interruption. You can use continuous automated login
(Wifi Auto Login) with speed 10 - 100 Mbps from the coorditnation of AIS and 3BB that over 60,000 wifi spots nationwide. And continually expanding wifi location to support every lifestyle.


Q : Which Wifi network can be accessed ? >>
A :

For AIS WiFi package, user can access Wifi on network name: @ AIS WiFi only. For Unlimited AIS & 3BB Wifi package, user can access Wifi on network name: @ AIS WiFi, and roaming on 3BB’s network name: @ 3BB_WiFi and Cyberpoint. 

Q : Which networks are available for the AIS & 3BB unlimited Wifi service? >>
A :

You can enjoy unlimited Wifi service on @AIS WiFi, @3BB_WiFi and Cyberpoint networks.

Q : What is the differrence between AIS Wifi and AIS&3BB Wifi? >>
A :

AIS WiFi  can connect to the @AISwifi network which is available in well-known department stores and community malls nationwide plus universities and Major Cineplex locations in Bangkok. The network has consecutively been brought to more areas.

AIS & 3BB Wifi  can connect to a wider range of networks, including @AIS WiFi @3BB_WiFi and Cyberpoint, that have more than 60,000 hotspots nationwide (maximum connection duration of Cyberpoint is one hour a day)

Q : What is Wifi Auto Login? >>
A :

Wifi Auto Login is a great convenient way for postpaid Wifi package subscribers to get connected to the Wifi hotspots automatically without having to enter their Wifi username and password. Subscribers can only register and use the Wifi Auto Login service with the one registered device.


Easy steps for registering with Wifi Auto Login

  1. Select @AIS WiFi network
  2. Fill in the username & password
  3. Confirm your registration with Wifi Auto Login
  4. The service will then notify you that your registration is complete.

Subscribers can get connected to Wifi with a non-registered device by entering their Wifi username and password each time.

Q : If a prepaid subscriber has an insufficient account balance for their Wifi package, will the Wifi Auto Login still work? >>
A :

The Wifi Auto Login service will be automatically terminated when a prepaid subscriber has an insufficient account balance. When the Wifi package is renewed, the subscriber can follow the Wifi Auto Login registration steps again.

Q : How to deactivate the Wifi Auto Login service? >>
A :

Please go to and login to eService, then follow these steps:

  1. Select "Other Services”, then select “Register / Request or Change Wifi Password”
  2. Select “Automatic Wifi Login” to deactivate the Wifi Auto Login
  3. Then assign your new device to use Wifi Auto Login according to the registration instructions


Q : Why are many Chinese branded mobile phones not able to use Wifi Auto Login? >>
A :

The Chinese mobile phone mass production method results in every phone having the same identifier assigned to their network interfaces that is used for communications on the physical network segment, known as MAC Address. Because of this, there is a high possibility that the MAC Address of a Chinese phone may duplicated with others, and therefore, the service rejects the same MAC address from getting access to the service.

Therefore, some users of Chinese branded mobile phones can only get access to the Wifi service by entering their username & password manually for each hotspot connection.

Q : How can I check my remaining Wifi allowance? >>
A :

You can check your Wifi package details, including the remaining balance, at

Q : Why is my remaining balance less than what I expected even if I stopped using Wifi? >>
A :

For 1-hour and 5-hour Wifi package subscribers, logging out is required every time you stop using Wifi. Otherwise, the service will continue accumulating your Wifi time usage for another 15 minutes before the automatic log out feature is triggered. For best results, please log out manually at

Q : Is it possible that I could be charged with a 3G/EDGE/GPRS service fee while connected to Wifi? >>
A :

Yes, It is possible that the 3G/EDGE/GPRS service fee is charged together with Wifi usage for some smartphone models or operating system brands/versions like BlackBerry and iPhone. 

Q : Can I use the same username and password for every subscribed package? >>
A :

สำหรับทุกแพ็กเกจ ระบบจะใช้ Username เหมือนกันทุกแพ็กเกจ  แต่เฉพาะแพ็กเกจแบบรายเดือนเท่านั้น ที่สามารถเปลี่ยน Password ได้ค่ะ แต่ไม่สามารถ Password ซ้ำกันไม่ได้ค่ะ (โดย Password ต้องเป็นตัวเลข 4 หลัก)

Q : Can I change my password? And how? >>
A :

You can visit and login to eService, select “Other Services” at the side tab then select “Register / Request or Change Wifi Password” and follow the steps as instructed.

Q : Which device can use Wifi ? >>
A :

Wifi can use with only Wifi support device.

Q : How many Concurrent for using Wifi at a time ? >>
A :

1 Account per 1 Wifi Concurrent at a time.

Q : Can user use Wifi package during aboard? >>
A :

All Wifi package can be used in domestic only.

Q : In case of charging mobile number owner and promotion, what will happen with Wifi account? >>
A :

Wifi package will be cancelled. Wifi account is no longer to be used.

Q : How to use Wifi in any Operation System (OS) ? >>
A :

Android : Go to Setting > Wireless and Network > Wifi Setting > Open Switch OnWifi > Wifi Network >
@AIS WiFi or @ 3BB_WiFi  

iOS : Go to Setting > Wifi > Switch on Wifi > Choose a Network > @ AIS WiFi or @ 3BB_WiFi
Window Phone 8 : Go to Setting > Wifi >switch on Wifi > @ AIS WiFi or @ 3BB_WiFi