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Tonghathai Kuvanont

Managing Partner, Aimspire
Columnist Think Startup,
Bangkok Business Newspaper

Nitiphat Panichchaivivat

Managing Director,
DD Innova Tech Co.,Ltd.

Thanachat Tangsriwong

Chief Representative
of Bangkok Office,
CyberAgent Ventures, Inc.

Surawat Promyotin

Executive Director
Bangkok Venture Club

Aekkasit Diewwanit

CEO & Co-Founder
Dreamaker Crowdfunding co.,ltd

Rungsun Promprasith

CEO & Co-Founder
Queue Q(Thailand) co.,ltd

Thanchot Wissuttismarn

CEO & Co-Founder
Like Me, Co., LTD.

Chakrit Chanrungsakul

Fire One One Co., Ltd.

Thera Siricharoen

CEO & Co-Founder

Ph.D. Warong Sukchotrat

Policy Specialist, STI Office Duputy Fund Manager (Acting)
Technology and Innovation-Based Enterprise Development Fund (TED Fund)