Strategy &

To thoroughly understand and take into account the needs of the direct community, and develop the appropriate strategic, integrated and systematic responses to ensure our social license to operate by leveraging our strengths as a network provider to meet the needs of the larger society and create the share value which ultimately be viewed as an industry leader in a socially responsible business.

AIS strongly believes in the power of faith, hope, love and inspiration,
and with this film, we believe that we can make our society,
and the world, a better place to live in

Material aspects :

Material Aspects

Local community acceptance

Performance :

Performance Highlight

More than 1,200 Tambon Health Promoting Hospital (THPH) and 30,000 Village Health volunteers (VHV) used Aor Sor Mor online application.

  • The Aor Sor Mor online application, the digital communication tools for village health volunteers (VHV) and Tambon Health Promoting Hospital (THPH).
  • The application helps improve work effectiveness of both parties to faster solve the health issue of villagers.
  • It provides VHV members with accurate, up-to-the-minute news of any public health incidents in their communities, so that they can effectively and immediately coordinate support and respond in an area where emergency help is urgently required.
  • Further detail, please see “AIS Aor Sor Mor- Online”

Monetary contribution on philanthropic activities

2014 2015 2016 2017
Donation Baht 45mn Baht 34mn Baht 29mn Baht 23mn
Community investment Baht 2.1mn Baht 19.2mn Baht 12.2mn Baht 71.54mn
Commercial initiatives Baht 141.5 mn Baht 91mn Baht 153mn Baht 29mn
Total Baht 188 mn Baht 145mn Baht 195mn Baht 123mn

Type of contribution

Total amount (Baht)
Cash contribution 104,027,031
Time: employee volunteering during paid working hours 10,560
In-kind giving such as products, services and used computer 19,199,762
Management overheads 29,179,728

2023 ambition :

2023 ambition :

100,000 people of village health volunteers can access to Aor Sor Mor Online application