AIS officially supports the NBTC policy of ensuring the security of all prepaid mobile network service subscribers
To check your registration status,
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Why do I need to register my prepaid SIM card?
1. SIM card registration is to preserve and protect the customer’s rights in the case of service problems, such as a claim for a refund when the customer wants to terminate the service, or to prevent others from using your mobile number.
2. Registration of SIM cards will help prevent extortion, fraud, drug trading, illegal trafficking or even using the phone to detonate a bomb. Without mandatory SIM card registrations, government officials cannot track down criminals.
How do I check my registration status? How much does it cost?
You can check the SIM card registration status by simply calling *151# from any network free of charge. The service system will reply by sending a message. If your prepaid SIM card is not registered, the service system will gives you a registration code like A023B0.
What do I need to register my prepaid SIM card?
1. Register by yourself
A Thai ID card or other identity card issued by the government. A passport or a work permit issued by the government is required for a foreigner or an immigrant worker respectively. All documents must be originals.
2. Register using power of attorney
(1) A power of attorney document
(2) The ID card, passport or other government-issued identification of the owner of the number.
(3) The ID card of the person who has power of attorney.
(4) The device and prepaid SIM card of the number’s owner. If using power of attorney, registration must be done at that number’s network operator service counter.
Where can I register my prepaidSIM card?
1. Register by yourself
A customer can register the new SIM card (with an unregistered number) or an old SIM card (with a registered number) at any service counter of that number’s network operator or at any counter with the “2 Shots” logo. A customer who wishes to buy a new SIM card from a 7-11 store can register right away at the counter, free of charge.
2. Register by using the power of attorney
Registration can be done at any of the number’s network operator counters.
How do I register?
1. For a new prepaid SIM card (with an unregistered number)
1.1 Prepare the original ID card, passport or other government-issued identification
1.2 The phone number displayed on the SIM card cover
1.3 Bring them to your phone network operator’s counter or any store with the “2 Shots” logo.
2. For the old SIM card (with a registered number)
2.1 Check if the number is registered or not by calling *151#, free of charge. The service system will send a reply message to tell you if the number is registered or not. If the number is not registered, the system will give you a 6 alphanumeric character registration code, such as A023B0.
2.2 Bring the code along with your ID card or a government-issued identification card to any of your phone network operator’s counters or any store with the “2 Shots” logo.
What will happen if I don’t register my number after July 31st, 2015?
A customer who has not had the number registered by July 31st 2015 will experience service interruption. Unregistered numbers will be able to receive calls and SMS but will not be able to make calls to other numbers (except emergency numbers such as the ambulance, or to report a crime or a fire). NBTC would like you to register promptly without having to wait until the last day to protect your full rights of use for your number.
How can I be sure my ID number will be secure and will not be used for other purpose?
The “2 Shots” application allows you to register your mobile device numbers by using smartphones. It was created by the NBTC to assist, streamline, speed up and secure the registration process. With the “2 Shots” application, all the pictures and information of your ID card will be sent and secured at the NBTC server without saving anything on your smartphone.
Where can people living in the countryside register?
Registration can be done at any service provider’s counters or shops with the “2 Shots” logo. New prepaid SIM cards purchased at 7-11 can register at the counter right away and free of charge.
Can the “2 Shots” application be downloaded on my device so I can register my number myself?
No. NBTC only allow network operators and authorized dealers to download and use this application to ensure security and privacy for all mobile device users. The service counter will have to authenticate the customer’s ID card and/or identity documents to prevent identity theft.
If I wish to stop using my number (either an old one or the one I’m using) what do I have to do? And will my registered personal information be deleted as well?
To terminate your prepaid SIM card (either an old one or the one you’re using), please contact your network operator direct at the call center as follows:
For AIS customers, call 1175
The network operator may keep your profile information for a period of time to investigate and protect your rights. This policy may vary from operator to operator.
If a customer who is a senior has difficulty making the trip to register, what should he / she do?
He / she can have someone else do it, using these documents
(1) A power of attorney document
(2) An original ID card or other government-issued identification cards
(3) The ID card of the person who handles the power of attorney
(4) The senior’s device with a prepaid SIM card. The registration must be made at the customer’s network operator’s service counter.
Can a child register his / her number by him / herself?
A child with a valid identification card can register his / her number but parental supervision is required.
Will the registered prepaid SIM card turn into postpaid SIM after registration?
The SIM card service will remain the same. Only it will then have the subscriber’s name on it.
How many numbers can I register?
A customer can have as many numbers as he / she wants, since this is not regulated by the NBTC but all the numbers must be registered with the NBTC.
What if I change my network operator after I have registered my number? Do I have to register again?
Once the registration is completed, you can transfer your number to another network operator without having to repeat the process since the number is already registered.