Promotion Package for New SIM activation
Special activate SAFE SAVE SIM today!

Accidental Protection*
Income compensation for accidental admission in hospital 500 B./day

24 hours*

*Get free special offer on next month when you have to top up at least 50 Baht in previous month.

New customers Promotion


Call Rates (7% VAT Excluded)

  • 1.2 Satang/second (First Minute 1 Baht) for all network, 24 hours

Valid until

  • 30th Nov 17
Service Rate s with 7% VAT



1.3 Satang/Second
(1st min 1.07 Baht.)


3.21 Baht.


6.42 Baht.

internet usage is charged based on

Per Minute

1.07 Baht.

Per Megabyte

1.61 Baht.

Top-up Price & Validity
You will receive at least 30 validity days regardless of the top-up amount. See the table below for details.

Top-up Price (Baht)



30 Days


60 Days

Can accumulate a maximum account balance of 10,000 baht and a maximum validity of 365 days.
Terms and Conditions
  • Customers who activated the SIM or changed the package to fit the package terms and conditions receive free unlimited Facebook and LINE usage immediately including the AXA protection plan which will be received the following day. These offers are valid until the SIM activation month. However, if the SIM card is activated in May 2015, the offer will be valid until 30th June 2015.
  • Customers who ported from the other network (MNP) are eligible for SIM Safe Safe offers.
  • Log onto Facebook for free through or Facebook application only on your mobile. The data usage fees for downloading the application, using the check-in function, including accessing other websites and links, will be charged normally as your current package rate.
  • Unlimited LINE usage, accessing chats, messaging, sending videos and images, voice messaging, group chats, downloading and sending stickers, accessing Timelines. Only available on devices that support the application, which includes iOS, Android, Symbian, JAVA etc. All of them must be under the LINE application and the AIS network at the speed of 384 kbps. The usage of the location sharing function and other internet access to websites and links that are opened outside the application is not included.
  • Unlimited LINE, Facebook and AXA privileges will be granted the following month when the top-up amount reaches 50 Baht in the previous month. The offers will become valid after receiving the SMS confirmation within 4 working days in the following month. If customers have already received this offer the previous month, customers can receive it from the beginning of the month before receiving the SMS.
    • In the case of a package change / network switch / change to the postpaid monthly plan before 4 days prior to the eligible month, you will not receive a confirmation SMS and will no longer be eligible for the Facebook, LINE and AXA protection plan privileges.
    • In the case of a package change / network switch / change to the postpaid monthly plan after 4 days prior to the eligible month, with a confirmation SMS, you are eligible for the AXA protection plan privilege until the end of the month.
  • The Facebook and LINE offers are valid for 6 months. Domestic use only.
  • The Safe Safe SIM is for AIS One-2-Call customers only. (The previous package name is “Pro-Pra-Yat”)
  • When the end of the package is reached, your current service rate will be adjusted according to the company’s terms of service or existing customers can choose other packages provided during that time.
  • 30 Baht will be charged every time a package is switched. The existing validity days and balance will be remained the same or changed according to the new package terms and conditions.
  • The company reserves the right to change rates, terms or conditions without prior notice.
  • The rights to use the service and the specified service fees are reserved for domestic usage and normal usage only.
  • In order to maintain service quality standard and to keep quality network experience for overall subscribers, the company reserves the rights to manage the network as the company deems appropriate including but not limited to limiting or decreasing network speed in case it is found that there is large volume of continuous data transfer, using BitTorrent, sharing Internet via Hotspot, downloading and/or uploading large files, consuming usage for commercial purposes, or any usage which impacts or creates unfairness to other subscribers, or creates impediments to the network of the company.
Terms and Conditions for Insurance Plan
Terms and conditions for protection and other exceptions are based on the full insurance policy. Contact 02-118-838 or visit for more information.
Terms and Conditions for the AXA protection plan
  • Protection available in the case of death or loss of limbs in an accident or as a passenger in a vehicle accident (by car or motorcycle). Suicide or self-harm are not included.
  • If admitted to a hospital or a medical institution due to an accident for longer than 6 hours, compensation for loss of income will be provided. Cost of medications, in-patient room and other medical expenses are not included in the compensation.
  • One SIM is eligible per one single identification card (the owner of the AIS number) for one protection plan. The person who is covered will be the person who is registered with AIS through the SIM card. If the owner of the number has been switched this must have been notified before the time of the accident.
  • The plan only covers persons between 15 and 75 years of age. If the registered person is over 75 years old, he/she will not be covered by this plan.
  • If the claim is made by a foreigner, he/she must be in possession of his passport documents, work permits, identification card for non-Thais or work permit documents according to the international collaboration MOU.
  • The claim can only be made if, at the time of the accident, the SIM owner is eligible for the plan, and this is confirmed by the company.
  • Compensation will be paid within 5 working days after the paperwork has been approved from the AXA Insurance PCL.
  • The channel to make the claim is at P.O. Box 39, Klong Toei delivery post office, Bangkok 10111 or contact via Line ID: AXA-CLAIM.
Conditions on Free-Call Bonuses
  • Dial *121# to check your bonus and remaining balance.
  • Your free-call bonus cannot be used as a credit for deducting the fixed or add-on service fee, including for the subscription fee
  • The service system will always deduct the free-call bonus first and will only start applying charges toward your regular account once the bonus account has been depleted.
  • The free-call bonus only applies to voice calls and SMS to networks within Thailand! You cannot use the bonus for international calls (IDD) or international roaming calls (IR) outside of Thailand.
  • The service rates of your regular package will also apply to the usage deduction when using the free-call bonus.
  • Once your free-call bonus has been depleted the current call will be disconnected automatically and the next call will be charged at your regular package rates.
  • Your bonus allowance is unaffected when yous witch the package.
  • Your bonus can be linked with our "Aok-Hai-Na" service(in cases where you receive calls)
  • The bonus is valid for 30 days from the first activation date.