Promotion Packages for New SIM activation

Unlimited Internet

at speed 4 Mbps.

Free call 2 AIS numbers, 24 hours a day

Unlimited AIS SUPER WiFi

In case of no top-up of 2,400 Baht within 7 days of first SIM activation, the promotion will be as follows

Service Rates with 7% VAT

You can change the package to fit your Internet and other service needs by calling *777 within 30 days after the number activation date.

Top-up Price & Validity
You will receive at least 30 validity days regardless of the top-up amount. See the table below for details.

Top-up Price (Baht)



30 Days


60 Days

Can accumulate a maximum account balance of 10,000 baht and a maximum validity of 365 days.
Terms and Conditions
Junior SIM
  • The Junior SIM fee is 50 Baht and 30 days’ validity.
  • Once the SIM is activated, the customer must top-up with 2,400 Baht (7% VAT included) within 7 days of the first SIM activation to allow the system to switch to the Junior SIM package. Once the confirmation SMS is received, the package will be valid for 12 months.
  • If the customer fails to top-up the amount of 2,400 Baht within 7 days, he/she still has the allowances of low rate call of 0.01 Baht per minute (1 Baht for the first minute) and unlimited data at 64 Kbps. These allowances are valid only when the customer has a total top-up over 50 Baht on the previous month. This promotion is valid for 12 months. Once the customer selects these allowances, he/she cannot change back to the Junior SIM promotion. In order to use the Junior SIM promotion again, the customer must purchase a new SIM card and top up the SIM card with 2,400 Baht within 7 days of the SIM activation.
  • You can receive unlimited calls to 2 special AIS numbers 24/7. Limited to 1 hour per call.
  • To assign the special AIS numbers, dial *163… and follow the instructions. (Free of charge).
  • To change an assigned AIS special number, a fee of 10 Baht per number will be applied (7% VAT exclusive).
  • The special low rate of 0.50 Baht per minute for calls to any network is valid for 12 months.
  • The unlimited allowance of AIS SUPER WiFi on the AIS SMART Login network is valid for 12 months. To setup the service automatically, dial *388*3#…. For more information, visit
  • The service rates of 2 Baht/SMS, 5 Baht/MMS, 0.50 Baht/MB for data usage and the All-network-call rate are all 7% VAT exclusive.
  • Enjoy non-stop internet at speed of 64 kbps free for 1st month after activation, and get free for next month when top-up at least 50 baht accumulatively on the previous month.
  • Call rate is all network call 1.1 Satang/Second (First minute 1 Baht)
  • Call rate and other services rates are VAT exclusive