Service Channels

Interactive USSD ‹501# …

Interactive USSD ‹501#…

  1. Press 5 0 1 #
  2. Main Menu will be displayed on screen. Press 'Reply'* and type desired menu number you wish to subscribe to
  3. Press 1 To choose Best Seller Package
  4. Press 2 To choose your own package
  5. Press 3 To choose Mao Mao Gift to your friends
  6. Press the menu number you wish to purchase Internet on-top package. For example, to purchasing Best seller Internet on-top package,
    press 'Reply'* and type ‘ 1
  7. Proceed to the next step and reply with the number until the process is completed
* For Android OS, the 'Reply' step is skipped. Simply type desired menu number.
Terms and Conditions
  • For Internet Max Speed Package
    • Subscribers will be able to use the package allowance after receiving SMS confirmation.
    • If any internet usage allowance has not been used after the package validity ends, the remaining internet allowance will be forfeited.
    • Excess usage will be calculated at the rate of your main package.
    • Usage allowances and service rates are for domestic use only (data used while abroad or on data roaming is not included).
  • For Mao Mao Gift Package
    • The service fee will be charged to the purchaser’s number only
    • Only AIS numbers are eligible for this service.
    • For Internet NON-STOP package, after data usage allowance has been used up, you can still use data at the max speed of 64 kbps.
    The usage allowance varies according to the package and validity period.
  • All allowances are for personal use only and not to be used for commercial purposes or in anyway that affects other customers.
  • Service rates are 7% VAT exclusive.
  • AIS reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice.