Weekly Fee 123 Baht

Call all networks
Free calls during 5am-5pm (Limit to 30 minutes/call, 1 Satang/second for excess usage)

Call other period
1 Satang/second (First minute 1 Baht)

1 GB at max speed (After reaches quota, speed dropped to 512 kbps)

Free! 100 SMS

Free! 23 MMS

AIS Super WiFi

Promotion switching fee
10 Baht

Subscribe Now!
  • The weekly service fee is 123 Baht ,automatically charged every 7 days.
  • Free calls to all networks from 5 am to 5pm. Limited to 30 minutes per call, 1.07 Satang/second for excess usage.
  • 1.07 Baht for the first minute and 1.07 Satang/second onwards for calls outside the promotional period.
  • After the max internet speed allowance of 1 GB is reached, you can enjoy the internet at speed 512 kbps.
  • Enjoy unlimited AIS SUPER WiFi by dialing *388*1# to request a username and password. The subscriber has to request a new username and password if the account balance is insufficient.
  • FREE!! 100 SMS and 23 MMS. 3.21 Baht/SMS and 6.42 Baht/MMS for excess usage.
  • If your account balance is too low to cover the weekly package fee, the service fee for calls will be readjusted to 70 Satang for the first minute and 1.6 Satang/second, 1.61 Baht/MB for data usage
  • All rate are 7% VAT inclusive.