Weekly Fee 123 Baht

Call all networks
Free calls during 5am-5pm (Limit to 30 minutes/call, 1 Satang/second for excess usage)

Call other period
1 Satang/second (First minute 1 Baht)

1 GB at max speed (After reaches quota, speed dropped to 512 kbps)

Free! 100 SMS

Free! 23 MMS

AIS Super WiFi

Promotion switching fee
10 Baht

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  • The weekly service fee is 123 Baht ,automatically charged every 7 days.
  • Free calls to all networks from 5 am to 5pm. Limited to 30 minutes per call, 1.07 Satang/second for excess usage.
  • 1.07 Baht for the first minute and 1.07 Satang/second onwards for calls outside the promotional period.
  • After the max internet speed allowance of 1 GB is reached, you can enjoy the internet at speed 512 kbps.
  • Enjoy unlimited AIS SUPER WiFi by dialing *388*1# to request a username and password. The subscriber has to request a new username and password if the account balance is insufficient.
  • FREE!! 100 SMS and 23 MMS. 3.21 Baht/SMS and 6.42 Baht/MMS for excess usage.
  • If your account balance is too low to cover the weekly package fee, the service fee for calls will be readjusted to 70 Satang for the first minute and 1.6 Satang/second, 1.61 Baht/MB for data usage
  • All rate are 7% VAT inclusive.
  • The rights to use the service and the specified service fees are reserved for domestic usage and normal usage only.
  • In order to maintain service quality standard and to keep quality network experience for overall subscribers, the company reserves the rights to manage the network as the company deems appropriate including but not limited to limiting or decreasing network speed in case it is found that there is large volume of continuous data transfer, using BitTorrent, sharing Internet via Hotspot, downloading and/or uploading large files, consuming usage for commercial purposes, or any usage which impacts or creates unfairness to other subscribers, or creates impediments to the network of the company.
  • The company reserves the right to change rates, terms or conditions without prior notice.