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Mao Mao 7 Baht
Mao Mao 9 Baht
Mao Mao Daily Buffet
Mao Mao Minutes Package.
  • AIS One-2-Call! subscribers can easily subscribe to a Mao Mao package by themselves using the easy dial subscription as specified in each Mao Mao package. When the subscription is successfully made, the fee will be deducted from your balance automatically. You can use the allowance of the subscribed package after receiving an SMS confirmation. The voice call allowance to all networks 24 hours a day only applies to domestic calls and does not include any value-added services. Remaining minutes can be checked by dialing *121 (free of charge).
  • When the minute allowance for the Mao Mao Minutes package has been used up, any active call will be automatically disconnected. You may then choose to renew the Mao Mao Minutes option or make calls using their regular account balance (the corresponding rate from your current main package will apply).
  • All Mao Mao Minutes allowances expire at the end of its validity period. Any unused minutes left over will be forfeited at that time.
  • Purchasing the Mao Mao Minutes package does not extend your remaining duration except for the 30 Baht package which gives a 30-day extension.
  • Subscribers may subscribe for both the Buffet and Mao Mao Minutes packages at the same time. While both packages are subscribed to concurrently, only voice calls made outside of the free-call (buffet) period as specified in the Buffet package will be deducted from the allowance of the Mao Mao Minutes package. You cannot subscribe to multiple 1-Day Mao Mao packages at the same time.
  • Fractions of a minute are rounded up to a full minute for each call.
Mao Mao 1-Day
  • While you are subscribed to the 1-Day Mao Mao Minutes package, you may not subscribe to any other 1-Day Mao Mao Minutes package or switch your current main package. Both actions are suspended until the current package expires. All packages expire at midnight on the package subscription date.
  • While you are subscribed to the “Mao Mao KON PROD” package, you cannot sign-up for a comparable package that offers unlimited calls to a special number with your current main package. Similarly, if your current main package contains a fixed monthly service charge, you will not be able to sign-up for the “Mao Mao KON PROD” package. Once you have reached the end of the validity period of the package, your special number privilege will be deleted from the service system.
  • Fractions of a minute are rounded up to a full minute for each call.
*In the case that calls last between promotional and non-promotional periods, the service fee will be calculated based on the actual usage. For example, if the call lasts between 21:50 and 22:15, the calling fee will be charged for the 15 minutes after 22:00.
All Packages
  • The rights to use the service and the specified service fees are reserved for domestic usage and normal usage only.
  • In order to maintain service quality standard and to keep quality network experience for overall subscribers, the company reserves the rights to manage the network as the company deems appropriate including but not limited to limiting or decreasing network speed in case it is found that there is large volume of continuous data transfer, using BitTorrent, sharing Internet via Hotspot, downloading and/or uploading large files, consuming usage for commercial purposes, or any usage which impacts or creates unfairness to other subscribers, or creates impediments to the network of the company.
  • AIS reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice.