AIS assures you with the network coverage of 76 provinces, 877 districts, 6,000 subdistricts, 65,000 villages. Additionally, we also continues developing our network to be the great nationwide high speed network. So, you can be confident that you will not miss any contact and your lifestyle will be as comfortable as you wish.

Additionally, AIS increases network capacity and quality by installing Signaling Gateway to make the network connection easier. We also expand the Trunk or signal channel and the connection of internetwork circuit with other network operators. Therefore, it is certain that you can make a call to any network nationwide. For indoor usage, we set up In Door Antena in buildings and condominiums, or villages. Besides, places with high mobile usage, including intersections with traffic congestion, we install Micro Cell to support high usage of mobile phones effectively.

Automatic simulator test for network by installing ANTS or Automatic Network Test System with nationwide coverage. The system sends a signal to respond with the main bases to test the system around the clock.
Drive Test and network surveillance system installed in Taxi to check the signal
Walk Test to check and measure the network quality in various areas thoroughly even in lanes and small roads
Network capacity readiness for festival seasons or crowded locations with Mobile Car and Mobile Base Station
AIS takes another step in network quality development to respond to the global warming with the concept of energy saving and environmental friendliness.

One of the supporting devices enabling AIS network’s around-the-clock service even during electrical black out. AIS has applied and tested B5 Bio-Diesel produced by natural materials.

AIS has initiated clean and renewable energy wherever possible. Some of our Radio Base Station (RBS) are now using wind power technology to generate electricity to distribute to communication devices installed in the base station. The wind energy base station is now operating in the Na Chomtien municipality, Sattaheep, Chonburi. Wind speed information is being collected for further development of 10 additional operation sites.

  using Solar Cells or officially known as AIS Photovoltaic System. The concept is to transform energy from the sun to be electrical current and distribute to communication devices installed in the base station.
Install the insulated wall to maintain the temperature of the Mobile Telephone Exchange without necessity to use high quality fan for air conditioning in some areas. This can effectively reduce the heat and maintain the network device functions.