Today to 30 June 2017
** For all port-in customers, AIS is offering special exemption from the 29 baht (VAT included) number portability fee
1 monthly fee
Get a
discount of
on monthly fee
for 12 months

iEntertain NON-STOP Package

*After 4G/3G usage exceeds the data allowance, you can continue using unlimited data at 128 Kbps for the 599 and 699 Baht packages or at 384 Kbps for the 899 Baht package.
4G MAX SPEED Package

Enjoy special
privileges from   
AIS Serenade
for 6 months
Terms and conditions
- Present a receipt for 900 Baht or over from your previous network at any AIS Shop or Serenade Club to receive the privilege.
- Receipt of a previous network for an amount from 900-1,499 baht qualifies for AIS Serenade Emerald for 6 months.
- Receipt of a previous network for an amount of 1,500 baht and over qualifies for AIS Serenade Gold for 6 months.