Exclusively for
AIS Serenade customers,

enjoy a 5,000 baht discount when buying iPhone 7 (256GB)
No advance payment, no package change No need to register New phone number
iPhone Regular Price
Special Price for
Serenade customers
Price with contract
for AIS customer **
Price with package ***
iPhone 7
(256 GB)
34,500 29,500 32,100 33,100
0% Installment Plan for 10 months
Terms and Conditions
AIS Serenade customers
AIS customers
* The special offers are eligible only for AIS Serenade postpaid customers who are ordinary persons with a minimum registration period of three months.
  • The phone prices are VAT inclusive.
  • 0% interest installment payment is allowed. Terms and conditions apply.
  • One ID card holder can get a maximum of two purchase contracts (one phone number per contract).
  • In case a customer requests to cancel the service or the contract before the agreed completion date, the company reserves the right to claim compensation equal to the amount discounted on the phone purchased.
  • The phone quantities are limited and prices may change. Please check detailed information at AIS shops and participating Telewiz outlets Nationwide before purchasing.
  • Campaign effective 1st -30th September 2017