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iPhone, iPad Package

Additional minute/VDO Call is charged at 1.50 Baht/minute over 24 hours.
2 Baht/SMS
4 Baht/MMS
2 Baht/MB for 3G/EDGE+ Usage
iPhone will last for 24 billing cycles.
iPad Package will last for 12 billing cycles.
Special! Existing GSM advance customers will get 200 Baht/month discount (inclusive of VAT) for 5 billing cycles when signing up for iPad package
in the same name.
The company reserves the right for the customers who have regular usage with minimum 200 Baht for the payment only. (inclusive of VAT)
The package subscribers will get free e-book from AIS Bookstore (Occasional Monthly Privilege), the subscribers need to download e-book
within June 30, 2013 only. Please download free application and check e-book list at
Free 79-Baht AIS Music Store member fee! Free download for Full Songs and MV, please download AIS Music Store at AIS Apps, please dial *959#.
All above packages
The above packages are for regular usage, inapplicable for commercial usage or to affect other customers.
The above packages are limited to domestic calls within Thailand only.
These monthly fees are exclusive of 7% VAT.
Each package usage is applicable for each billing cycle only.
In case of remaining balance, inapplicable to be collected for the nest billing cycle and the right will be restricted right away
after cancellation or switching any changes.
The existing customers start the basic package with 30 Baht.
For more information about Mpay App., please visit
The company reserves right to change or amend the service rate and other conditions without prior notice.