Plenty of data
The first adjustable data package to
match your speed needs.
Postpaid package
NEXT G Flexi Speed  
The adjustable data package to match your speed needs.
*After the 4G/3G data allowance is reached, with a 750 Baht package can enjoy unlimited data usage at the speed of 384kbps and 256kbps for the 450 and the 550 Baht package.
*The maximum speed for the 4G data service is up to 300Mbps and the maximum speed for the 3G service is up to 42Mbps.
Terms and conditions for the Next G Flexi Speed package
  • Package 450 Baht, 550 Baht and 750 Baht is eligible to individual customer who registers new Postpaid numbers, Port-in to AIS Postpaid service and change from Prepaid to Postpaid service.
  • After the 4G/3G data allowance is reached, customers can enjoy unlimited internet at the following speeds: For 450 and 550 Baht packages, customers can use unlimited data at the maximum speed of 256kbps. 750 Baht packages can use unlimited data at the
    maximum speed
    of 384kbps.
  • These packages valid for 12 billing cycles.
  • Service rates for excess usage:
    • 1.50 Baht for voice and video calls to any network (Fractions of a minute are rounded
      up to
      one minute), 3 Baht/SMS and 4 Baht/MMS.
    • Service fee is based on actual usage per billing cycle (Fractions of a minute are rounded up to one minute).
  • This service can be used in conjunction with the Multi SIM service. The data speed will be adjusted according to the main package.
  • To connect AIS SUPER WiFi, the system will send the username and password automatically by SMS. For more details, please visit
  • The customer can enjoy using the NEXT G and AIS Super WiFi services with no limit at the max speeds of 300Mbps and 650Mbps respectively. The speeds can differ depending on the usage area and the user’s device.
  • The NEXT G service will be activated after receiving an SMS confirmation.
  • To utilize the NEXT G service, customers must use a 4G-ready device in the coverage area only. The NEXT G 4G/3G service can be used according to the package allowance.
    allowance is unlimited.
  • Customers using the NEXT G Flexi Speed as the main package can adjust the data transfer speed as the Max Speed mode or as the Net Quota (GB) mode through the USSD code or at the My AIS Application (go to the Service Menu or Change Main Package menu).
  • The NEXT G Flexi Speed package can be used in conjunction only with Quota (GB)-type Max-speed on-top packages.
  • Fixed Speed/Share Plan and time-base on-top packages cannot be used in conjunction with this package.
  • Adjusting the speed will also affect the package speed profile. This includes free video content access. For example, if a customer uses an 8GB package with a 10 Mbps YouTube service and the customer adjusts the speed to 4Mbps, the Youtube and all other content transfer speed will be adjusted down to 4Mbps at the same time.
  • There is a 30 Baht fee for subscribing to this promotion. The limit is 3 subscriptions during a billing cycle.
  • In order to maintain service standards and quality and to ensure that all customers can use the network efficiently, AIS reserves the right to limit the data usage for downloading from BitTorrent, mobile hotspot sharing, download/upload of large files, commercial usage, usage of an uncommonly high volume of data, or any kind of usage that may disrupt other subscribers or affect the company service on the whole.
  • All usage allowance in each package is valid only within that billing cycle. Any unused allowance cannot be transferred to the next billing cycle. All package allowances will be terminated when the customer unsubscribes from his/her phone number, changes package, or switches ownership of the number.
  • All service rates are 7% VAT exclusive.
  • AIS reserves the right to change package details, terms and conditions without
    prior notice.
How to apply for NEXT G Flexi Speed
1 Choose the NEXT G Flexi Speed menu, and your will be directed to the NEXT G Flexi Speed page.
2 Choose the NEXT G Flexi Speed you wish for.

Open my AIS > Your Current Package
> Change the Internet Speed

  • Display of your information and the remaining allowance you can adjust

  • Choose your desired speed.

  • When the display shows your new speed, press “OK”

  • On the confirmation display,
    press “Confirm”

  Check Speed
press *666#
Terms and Conditions of Speed Adjustment
  • There are 4 speed settings that customers can adjust. The limit is 10 adjustments per billing cycle.
    • For 2Mbps speed, dial *666*2#
    • For 4Mbps speed, dial *666*4#
    • For 8Mbps speed, dial *666*8#
    • To reset to the customer’s main package speed, dial *666*0#
  • The customer can check your current speed by dialing *666# Speed checking can be done at any time and does not count as part of the 10-speed-per-billing cycle quota. Customers can also check the current speed through the My AIS application or through the AIS website.
  • The customer can adjust your speed only when the data allowance in the package is NOT reached. The speed adjustment will have no effect once the data allowance is reached and the service is using throttling speed.
  • There is no service fee for a speed adjustment. The system will count each adjustment (up or down) as 1 adjustment. The limit is 10 adjustments/billing cycle. If a customer subscribes/terminates the service in the middle of the billing cycle, the 10-speed adjustment allowance will be available until the end of that billing cycle. Once the 10-speed adjustment allowance is reached, the next adjustment can be a reset to the customer’s original package speed, available by dialing *666*0#
  • The customer can check your speed adjustment history through the My AIS application or through the AIS website at
  • In case of the customer changes the NEXT G Flexi Speed package to the higher package (in-group), the 10 adjustment quota will continue counting from the remaining allowance for that billing cycle.
  • When the customer switches the main package from the NEXT G Flexi Speed to any other package or promotion that is not part of the Flexi Speed package, the speed adjustment function will be terminated once the new package is activated.
  • When a customer change owner, the speed adjustment allowance will be reset once the promotion is activated.