Special offer for AIS Fibre only recommended introduce
the privilege over than
anyone else.
the right to apply for the
package HomeBROADBAND
free first month immediately!
Terms and conditions
  1. Definition
    1. "Service Provider" means Advanced Wireless Network Company Limited.
    2. "Referrer" means current AIS Fiber customer who recommend new customer to apply for AIS Fibre service.
    3. "Recommended" refers to new customers recommended to subscribe AIS Fibre.
  2. Qualification of the facilitator and benefits
    1. The referrers must be AIS Fibre subscribers who sign up for personal use. The service is available until the date the referral is installed.
    2. The referrers recommends new customer to apply AIS Fibre through Online Channel only. The recommended person must be installed successfully and can use AIS Fibre service.
    3. The referrers will be entitled to a discount on e-coupons for purchases through AIS Online Store valued at 500 Baht per referral. The maximum e-Coupon AIS Online Store cannot be more than 1,500 baht or the maximum 3 number of referrals.
    4. In case, the referrers cancels AIS Fibre Service, the service provider reserves the right to cancel e-Coupon AIS Online Store privileges according to the conditions of this activity, after cancelling the service.
    5. The service provider reserves the right to cancel e-Coupon AIS Online Store privileges according to the conditions of this activity. For those who have been introduced, they cannot be successfully installed or AIS Fibre service has been cancelled.
  3. Qualifications and Benefits
    1. The referral will be recommended by AIS Fibre referrer. The Telesales team will conduct the address verification of the referral. After checking coverage area has covered location, they will contact by phone to confirm your installation address and apply for AIS Fibre.
    2. The referral get benefit for free charge first month. In case of no promotional discount price for AIS customers
    3. The package in the first month free license fee
      • HomeBROADBAND Package 100/30 Mbps 699 Bath /Month (AIS Postpaid Customer 629 Bath /Month )
      • HomeBROADBAND Package 50/20 Mbps 599 Bath/Month (AIS Postpaid Customer 539 Bath /Month )
      The service provider reserves the right to grant privileges under the terms of this activity. Only those who recommended and being recommended are also eligible to use AIS Fibre.

Duration of Activities
  • The referral can be made through Member Get Member website at www.ais.co.th/fibre/member-get-member Available from 1-31 October 2018.
  • The recommended person must apply for and install AIS Fibre service by 15 November 2018.
  • The referrer will receive an e-Coupon AIS Online Store valued at 500 Baht within 3 business days via SMS will be sent to the mobile phone number registered with AIS Fibre. The e-coupon code can be used from 1 October – 31 December 2018.

Terms of Use e-Coupon AIS Online Store
  • The referrer use e-Coupon to redeem special offer on https://store.ais.co.th
  • e-Coupon AIS Online Store 1 code can be used as a discount on any through AIS Online Store per order. The total value is not less than 1,000 baht.
  • e-Coupon cannot be exchanged or transferred to cash.