All you need to know about AIS Fibre
Setting and Troubleshooting for the AIS PLAYBOX
Setting for AIS PLAYBOX
System connection settings
  1. Connection with TV
  2. Connect HDMI/AV Cable to HDMI/AV port of STB and TV set
  3. Connection with network
  4. Plug the Ethernet cable into the LAN port of the STB, in the other side of the LAN port of the home router.
  5. Connection with Power
  6. Connect the power adapter to the STB. After the power is on, it will start automatically.
Installing Applications
  • Installing from App Store
    After connecting with the network, you can install an app from the App Store (e.g. Google play)
  • Installing via U disk or SD card
    1. Insert the U disk or SD card that stores “.apk” files formats. Navigate to the “.apk” file
    2. Using the file browser and select it
    3. Select “Install” and “Install” again to install the “.apk” files.
Uninstalling Applications
  1. Click Setting -> Advanced -> APPS
  2. A list of your installed applications wil appear. Select the one to be uninstalled.
  3. Click Uninstall.
Troubleshoot for AIS PLAYBOX
Cannot login HOOQ?
Recheck your email address and password or use the Forget Password option on the HOOQ login screen using the information on the AIS PLAYBOX.
What should I do if the AIS PLAYBOX won’t power up?
Check the status indicator light on the PLAYBOX
  • If none of the indicator are on, check the power cable and the power adapter connection. If the red or blue lights still do not come on, try unplugging the box for 5 minutes and then plugging it back in again.
  • If the lights are on 3 blue, then the box is active but if the lights are 3 red, the box is currently in sleep mode. Simply use the remote to turn it on.
What should I do if the PLAYBOX cannot connect to the internet via the LAN cable?
  1. Check the LAN cable to see whether it is securely connected in LAN4 port or not.
  2. Go to the AIS PLAYBOX menu page and then go to Settings/Network
  3. Enter the Ethernet menu, and try turning DHCP off and then back on again to reset the LAN configuration.
  4. Check whether the IP address is to see if the connection to the router has been established or not.
  5. If the IP does not show, please check the router.
Can't use Remote Control?
  • Try to use mouse or keyboard to move on TV screen for checking the problem occurred because of AIS PLAYBOX or not?
  • Press any button on remote then consider at the IR indicated light on AIS PLAYBOX blink or not? If the light does not blink, user should change remote’s battery or check anode and cathode of battery
Keyboard does not display on Screen?
  1. Goto Setting -> Advance -> Language & Input -> Android Keyboard
  2. Select English(US) in the line of active input methods
Picture issue
Unstable signal
  1. Turn off router and plug off then plug in and turn on again
  2. If the problem still occur, use LAN cable instead Wi-Fi
Picture does not display
  1. Check HDMI cable still connect to AIS PLAYBOX by plugging HDMI cable more tight and consider at TV screen during user is plugging. If the screen is unusual, the problem may occur cause of HDMI cable
  2. If the problem still occur, try to change source port e.g. HDMI1, HDMI2 or HDMI3
Display Screen Size does not match with TV Screen
  1. Go to setting -> Common -> Screen Scale
  2. Use +, - to scale size of display screen
Unclear Picture
  1. Go to Setting -> Common -> Output Mode
  2. For Suggestion
    • 4K TV -> 4k2k-30hz
    • FullHD TV -> 1080p-50hz
    • Standard -> 720p-60hz
Freeze Picture
  1. Turn off AIS PLAYBOX
  2. Pull off an adapter then plug in again
  3. Turn on AIS PLAYBOX again
The picture display normally but sound is silent
  1. Check Sound Volume Settings
  2. If the problem still occur, Reset to default