The ultimate epic series of “Game of Thrones”
This time no one would not know "Game of Thrones" the series, which is very popular on the HBO channel with a lot of fans. Both of the role of the actors and the gorgeous production, it is called a full-scale like no others. And it is also create a uniqueness for this series.

The story is about the fantastic adventures combination with the dramas. And the war of the Seven Kingdoms in order to win the throne of the ancient kingdom over the seven kingdoms. It also won the most of awards at the Emmy with similar to the Oscars of the television ever. This series swept 38 awards, including 12 awards in the last year; Best Drama series, Best Supporting Actor: Peter Dinklage, Best Director: Miguel Sapochnick from "Battle of Bastards" in season 6 episode 9, Best Writing: David Benioff and Dan Weiss, 9 of Creative Arts Emmy Awards, excluding 212 other awards and breakthroughs the statistic in every season too. This series is top form of the best rating, the most of capital, the best action scene, the most creative work, the most of people share simultaneously, the most viewed and Game of Thrones Season 7 in Dragon stone.

The latest season, when HBO has revealed that over 16 million viewers on the first day which have broken the records for the last season of Season 6 already. AIS Fiber also pay attention to the fans of Game of Thrones Season 7. You don’t miss any important scenes through the AIS PLAYBOX. Just subscribe for the Platinum Full HD Package. More details, click and you can also watch the series backwards at the HBO GO both in Thai and Thai subtitle. If anyone wants to know that this series is the real ultimate epic or not ... then follow up the AIS PLAYBOX only.
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