No problem for the forgetful people, when you have “Cloud”
Cloud computing technology for the digital age is very necessary to work. Especially the people who have the problems that they forget the USB flash drives or files. Because it is an area to store the information such as videos or files online for free. You can also handle your files and manage your files as if you do it on a computer. And it is easy to share the information too. Today we will recommend the 5 Free Cloud Storages.

- Dropbox: Whether to share or store files on the web or apps. You will have the link to download with 2 GB free space. If you want to increase the space to 100 GB, it’s just start at 270 Baht/month only.

- Google Drive: Google's free file storage with the space up to 15 GB. But if you want to increase the space to 100 GB, it starts at only 60 Baht/month only. It can be used on both the web and the apps. And also able to connect to the Google services such as files attaching on Google Drive to Gmail.

- OneDrive: Microsoft service area which supports all of the operating systems. Especially any files of Office programs. It can be opened on any devices. And also provides free space up to 7 GB, supports the maximum file less than 2 GB and able to increase the space up to 50 GB at the price of 65 Baht/month.

- Box: This service focused on the people and organizations to provide the free space of 10 GB which supports up to 250 MB of maximum file size. But support the files up to 5 GB on 100 GB space when purchase 320 Baht/month (Depend on the usage).

- AIS Cloud +: In addition to the file storages and sharing. Able to keep a list of phone numbers, SMS, and free back up phone number for a life time. And still safe if the phone disappears with storage space up to 15 GB. It supports both iOS, Android or web-based login as well. Beyond anyone for the special monthly customers, when applying for the special package and you will get 100 GB free storage space, please visit

Anyway, when upload files to the cloud, especially the large files you need to use WiFi. Otherwise, it would be wasted of mobile networks usage or it may take a long time that would be wasted of your time. If you use AIS Fiber, it will be absolutely fast.
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