The Ministry of Tourism and Sports puts the E-Sports game as a kind of sports
The adults may think that the problem of game addict is not good, but there is another game that will make you look at the wrong idea. The "E-Sports" game that has moved further into the global competition now. And also win a lot of championship for our country as well. If you talk about the reward, it is so high. Therefore, The Ministry of Tourism and Sports also announced that E-Sports is a kind of sports that can be incorporated into the sports association. The reason is to be a chance for the children to join the international competition on behalf of Thailand proudly.

If someone doesn’t know the E-Sports or Electronic Sports, it is an online cyberspace game with the computer connection system such as the Online Internet or LAN system. For playing this game it consists of athletes, sports equipment such as mouse, keyboard, headphones, etc., with both single and team player. The players have to pull their potential out as much as possible. The players need skills, time to practice, plan to play, able to analyze during the game and after the game. The competition will range from amateur to tournament and leagues. It is just like another sports. Therefore, in this a type of games which requires the fast and stable Internet especially AIS Fiber with Latency or Ping better than other ISPs. You can use the Speed Test tool to check the Latency easily, so it is suitable for the gamers who like to play online games. However, addiction to the game may adversely affect to your health. It should be divided playing time and play it at the proper time.
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