Order coffee from the application “Mokase” the smart phone case will serve you coffee promptly!
You can sip hot coffee everywhere at any time. It is surprising to be heard that when someone designed a smartphone case to make a coffee. You may hardly to imagine that the mechanism of this smart phone case. So let's look into this technology, which will serve what kind of coffee for us to drink.

Turn your smartphone case into an on-the-go coffee maker for serving the hot espresso. The concept of Luigi Carfora and Clemente Biondo from "Smart K" is who want to make coffee that able to drink anywhere form a gadget which is just touch your fingertips through the Mokase application. The heat will start to work by using the coffee strip and disposable coffee powder. They have been designed a cartridge called “Mokaromi pods” and it can be inserted into the phone case. In addition, the cartridge retains the freshness of coffee for up to 3 months and is available in three flavors; Classic, Toasted and Arabic. The case thickness is less than 1 cm. It also has a waterproof system that separates the coffee heater with no harm to the phone with the insulation. Because the internal heating system is aluminum silicon alloy, it heats up in 5-8 seconds and makes coffee in 25 ml at once with a lithium battery. Then just tilt the smartphone, pour the coffee through the aluminum tube into the glass that comes with this phone case. The glass is also designed to look like a key ring that can be folded and portable. Just a few seconds then you can sip the hot coffee and enjoy it.

This is one of the most advanced technologically gadget for caffeine lovers. For sipping coffee to quench your thirst only. This smartphone case supports iOS system; iPhone 6, 6S and 7. And also supports Android system; Samsung, Huawei and LG.
Photo : www.designboom.com
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