5 Ways to increase home internet speed
Because today we call called many people using the Internet as the four factors already. Just only the package is not enough because sometimes other factors may cause the signal not cover all of the home area. But these problems will be no more with 5 simple ways to surf your wireless Internet faster than ever.

1. Upgrade the device. In general, the router will be old and outdated because of new device development. So you should use a good WiFi router for a wider channel, more standard, stable, faster and stronger. And data transmission faster than 10-20 times by choosing AIS Fibre Router that emits 5GHz signal, the problem of signal jamming from the neighbor’s WiFi Router which emits 2.4GHz signal and narrower and slower channels.

2. Find Location and strongest Feng Shui. Choosing the location of the router is another way. You have to invite the Fortune teller to see the best Feng Shui. Because of installing a router might have a risk of weak or missing signals. It should not be installed at no signal point of the house. Try to install it away from walls or barriers. The key is air flow and should not be placed it at low.

3. Reduce interference. In particular, devices that release 2.4 GHz signals such as home wireless phones, microwaves, televisions and other wireless devices. All these devices will be caused for the Wi-Fi interference. Avoid placing the router near any electrical appliances, game console or even digital TV box.

4. Reboot Router sometimes, anything can happen… when you use a router for a while, the device can be malfunction because of the machine is too hot. You should wipe the dust, clean it, not place things in front of the cooling or may be some jamming or slow signal. So unplugging the router about 30 seconds every 2 days is like a kind of restart itself and get the signal back as well.

5. Check out the computer hardware to make sure your computer's hardware is not out of order. Sometimes the internet signal is do not occur from the router only. It is possible that your connected device has a problem. Because the Wi-Fi tuner in the computer or the notebook might have malfunction. Try switching the device connection to a smartphone or any other device that can be connected to the Internet. If the other device is not have a problem then it is a problem from the computer.
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