The most popular 5 singing TV programs in Thailand
When we turn on the TV today, we often see the singing TV programs. They use the music which is accessible to everyone and suitable for all sexes and all ages. But there will be some of them are the most popular programs during this time. We would like to summarize 5 top hits singing TV programs in Thailand that you should not miss.

1. The Mask Singer was purchased a copyright from South Korea which it’s a highly popular program at this time. The concept of them is a variety show which offering actors and singers to be the contestants. They have to wear a fancy masks and sing a song that they are not good at it and never sing it in order to disguise and do not let the viewer know that who they are.

2. The Voice Thailand was purchased a copyright from Holland. The main concept is singing while the coaches are turning back. After the coaches crush on the contestant’s voice the coaches will push on a button and turn to see them and cheer them into their own team.

3. I can see your voice is other program that has been purchased a copyright from South Korea. The concept is inviting the viewers and a singer to be the guests and the singer have to guess that who is singing bad or good in order to find the last one for featuring with themselves.

4. Hidden Singer Thailand by the concept of competition which the singer and the competitors have to sing the famous song of the singer on the same stage behind the LED screen. Who sing like the original song will be screened one by one. And the viewers will judge "Who is the real song owner".

5. Golden Microphone is a country music contest for all genders, education and occupation by recruiting from 4 regions of the country; Central, North-Eastern, Northern and Southern to compete until they can find the winner.

How was the top 5 singing TV programs that we selected for the music lover like you? If you interest in one of it, AIS PLAYBOX is absolutely a great choice for you. In addition to these programs you will be able to watch many entertainment channels. It is waiting for you.
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