“GOOGLE TRIPS” Travel Assistant Application
Application that we will talk about this time is especially for the travelers. "GOOGLE TRIPS" application for planning a trip from Google with full functions. Whether booking the air ticket, hotel, car rental, restaurant in one application. There are also recommended tourist attractions, every day plan as the style of the users. Including useful suggestions for the tourists. The most special for this application is this application is available in offline mode as well. I can say that this is very convenient. The first thing when you want to use this application is logging-in via G-mail, because of it will retrieve the information as we make such as air ticket, accommodations, hostel or hotel, event tickets etc., Which it is quite convenient for us. The main modes for this application are as below;

Reservations: For those who want to book accommodation/Air ticket, booking the flight at any time for the trip. The system will automatically synchronize the information from the mail.

Things to do: This mode will introduce the destination that what is interesting. And also divided it into categories such as places to visit. At this screen is including Google Maps navigation mode, phone number, website, close-open time and reviews from other travelers for you to read.

Day plans: A feature that will appear only for the big places. This will combine the best travel plans from the people who have actually traveled in all styles. Or if it still do not match your style, you can create your own plan also.

Food & Drink: I will tell you that this is for the food lover style with the introduction of restaurants around that area from the street to the luxury restaurants.

Getting around: For people who want to know how difficult to travel. Which car to take or about transportation information of that area. There will be all sections in this mode.

Need to know: Finally, what is need to know for traveling to that Area? The hospital system, Emergency contact number, Place for shopping, currency etc. How about it? This is really complete all in one here. For someone who knows that you like to travel. Traveling is the life of your backpacker style. This application is the answer.
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