UberEATS, Food ordering application from Uber
For the food lovers, you can order many kind of food from UberEATS application. Whether it is a famous restaurants in Bangkok, no matter it is a meat dish or dessert. And the important is you do not have to waste your time waiting for queues. Because of you just open this application, choose a restaurant, order food and then just waiting for the messenger to send the food at your home. Let's see how to order the food by this application; Firstly, after download the application completely. You need to register to be Uber member. But if anyone who has Uber member already, you can login with the same user. The credit card information will be shared when Login is completed. The application will let you know where you are for the delivery place. When it's done, it's time for fun! Enjoy selecting your food. There are many restaurants including Thai, Chinese, Japanese food. Moreover, you can choose from the distance or the recommended restaurants. When you choose each restaurants, it will show a complete menu with prices. When we press to order the food, the application will summarize the total price plus shipping cost. If you have a Promo Code, you can put it on. But ordering food must be ordered via credit or debit card only. After pressed the order, the application will show the status such as preparing food, Food ready or going to deliver. UberEATS will show the current position along the way including driver information, the model of the vehicle. And just a short time, the driver will bring the food to serve. What do you think about it? It is very easy and comfortable for you. Next time if someone is hungry, do not forget to open the application and click on it. There is no disappointment for sure.
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