How to use Youtube Live Mobile to live broadcast on Youtube via smartphone
After Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have launched the live broadcast feature via smartphone. Now it's time for Youtube to release Youtube Live Mobile feature to the general users. But if we say it is for the general users, but that's not for everyone. Actually, Youtube will launch this feature for the channels that have at least 10,000 subscribers only. By updating YouTube application via Play Store or App Store and signing in with Google account that register on Youtube to start live broadcast on the YouTube application. The process of organizing Youtube Live is so easy. You just open the application, click on video icon, press the Live button, named it, choose the Live format (Public or private) then select a photo to use as a cover photo. With only a few steps, you can prepare to Live via smartphone right now. At this time, the Youtube Live Mobile feature is available for 20 countries and watch the live broadcast on mobile in 40 countries. It is expected that all Youtube users are eligible to use Youtube Live via smartphone in the near future.
Tags : AIS, YouTube, Mobile, App