5 trends of technology that will happen in 2017
The year of 2016 has gone and it caused many things to remember. Therefore, today we would like to welcome you to 2017 with 5 trends of technology that are expected to occur this year.

1) Cloud Computing Now this system is using worldwide. The software of this systems that are well known is Google Apps, Microsoft Office 360 and Dropbox. Moreover this system provides Platform as a Service (PaaS) which many companies no need to run their internal server any more. Because of the Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers prepare the basic functions for further development. Therefore, it will be saved a lot of cost and time for Software development.

2) The Internet of Things (IoT) If you imagine that the devices or the things able to transmit the data to each other and can be controlled. What will be happen to your everyday life and changing in the industrial factories? This changing is the new technology. It has several products turned the attention to Iot in the term of Smart Home and Smart City now.

3) PromptPay has begun to the main channel of the payment because of Promptpay makes the financial transactions more convenient by using a telephone number or ID card number instead of the bank account transfer, Internet Banking and ATM machine.

4) Working on Mobility now most of the people turned to spend their daily life on smart phone. Online meeting via smart phone or online document such as Google Doc and Office 365. But the most important thing is Facebook Live which you can express yourself as the online media on your own way, you just have a smart phone and the internet.

5) Digital Transformation the digital stream is in trend. After the watching movies online service like AIS PLAY BOX or even music online service as JOOX. This is going into hit the movies shops, rental CD stores and these shops were closed gradually. Today the Digital Media replace on other Medias including newspapers, radio and especially television media that it is going to die because of Facebook Live trend. Therefore, the people are more interesting on live show. We guarantee that all of these 5 technologies which we have said will affect to our daily life in 2017 certainly.
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