Welcome to AIS Fibre I Home Broadband Internet with Fibre Optic 100%
First, Let us introduce you
to the new Fibre Optic super hi-speed home internet, the AIS Fibre
What is AIS Fibre ?
AIS Fibre is the super high-speed internet broadband using the fibre optic cable network, capable of transferring data at the speed of 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps) with full multimedia support. Fibre optic technology also offers high stability, less signal degradation, easy installation and unlimited access possibilities.
What makes AIS Fibre better than other providers ?
  • The newest, most reliable and greatest coverage area of Fibre Optic technology in Thailand
  • Providing the best technology for each particular area
  • Always connected with the reliable AIS network anywhere anytime
  • Many package choices to suit customer demands
  • Full multimedia service support for online streaming (IPTV), online gaming and home security
  • Best customer service with numerous AIS service counters and local technical support teams throughout the country
How can new customers apply for AIS Fibre?
New customers can simply apply at an AIS Fibre agent. If the customer requested location is in the AIS Fibre coverage area, our highly trained technicians will be dispatched to install the equipment. That’s it! Nothing more than enjoying premium surfing time with the super high speed of 10 Mbps max download and 4 Mbps upload speed, starting at just 590 baht per month!
How can I become an agent ?
If you meet these simple requirements, you are welcome to be one of our agents.

  1. You must be a Thai national, 17 years old or over – legal age issue
  2. You must own a computer/laptop and have Internet access to enter customers’ information
  3. You must have a bank account, to receive your commission
  4. You must have basic Internet usage knowledge

That’s all you need to apply to join our AIS Fibre agent team. You need to follow these procedures.

Signing up step by step to be an agent
  1. Download and complete the AIS Fibre agent application form Here
  2. Prepare and sign the following documents
    a. Supply a copy of your personal identification
    b. Supply a copy of your bank book account page, savings or cheque account
  3. Submit all the documents via fax to 02-687-4788 or email the application with the scanned documents to [email protected]
  4. Once all the documents are received, the agent code (location code) will be sent via SMS within 5 working days. Once you receive the location code, you can start making money!

Note: The bank account owner’s name must be the same as the applicant’s name. The applicant must use one of these banks to be eligible: Bangkok Bank, Krung Thai bank, Kasikorn Bank, Siam Commercial bank, TMB bank, UOB bank, CIMB Thai bank, Thanachart bank, Standard Charter bank, GH Bank, BAAC bank or the Islamic Bank of Thailand.
Extra income for you, no investment risk and easy selling - 3 simple steps
Now you know what a great service we provide, let’s start getting customers!
  1. Inform potential clients and invite them to sign up with the AIS Fibre service.
  2. Use your location code on every registration on the AIS Fibre website (www.ais.co.th/fibre) to receive your commission. You can register your friends, relatives or even yourself to get the commission!
    TIP: Check the client’s registration eligibility by using the AIS network phone, then dialing *255*(client ID number)
  3. Receive your monthly commission this way:
    3.1 Data entry fee of 30 Baht per applicant, provided that company supplies a successful installation (If the customer postpones service installation, this means the installation is not complete)
    3.2 A commission of 240 Baht once the customer has paid at the first billing cycle.

    Example: The commission revenue for an agent in Nakorn Ratchasima, who signed up 147 new customers in June 2014.

    Item Commission rate (Baht/customer) Customers Total due
    1. Data Entry 30 147 4,410
    2. Sales Commission 240 147 35,280
    Total 39,690

  1. Always check the service coverage area at https://newfibre.ais.co.th/, as we are constantly expanding our coverage.
  2. The service details, rates, terms and conditions and promotions are available at www.ais.co.th/fibre
  3. You can check you commission terms and balance at https://retailshops.ais.co.th
  4. For more information or requests for sales brochures, call AIS Fibre Contact Center at 1175.