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AIS are the mobile phone network operator in the frequency 900 MHz Digital GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication). We also own the subsidiary “Digital Phone Co., Ltd.” (DPC) providing mobile phone network frequency 1800 MHz Digital GSM 1800. Additionally, we have subsidiaries providing other telecommunication business: import and distribute mobile phone devices, data communication services via mobile cable, payment for products and services via mobile phone, cash card, contact center, and international call services.
Service provider of payment business via mobile phone Advance

Network operator and telecom service operator. i.e. Internet (ISP), International&Internet Gateway voice over IP, and IP television.


Distributor of cash card business.

Service provider of voice /data communication via telephone line. Currently under the process of liquidation

Service Provider of digital mobile phone network in 1980 MHz frequency


Service provider of International telephone service/gateway


Service provider of online data communication service via telephone landlines  and optical fiber


Service provider of payment business via mobile phone

Network operator ,telecom service operator and computer system provider. Currently received an Internet License Type I and Telecommunication Business Li cense Type III from NTC

Importer and distributor of headset and accessaries