The Best 4G Network

The High Speed Wireless Network

Covering Over 98% of Thailand

The widest coverage from the highest number of base stations,
with over 75,000 sites across the country running at 1800 MHz,
2100 MHz and 900 MHz to produce a maximum frequency
bandwidth of 120 MHz (60 MHz x 2).


We give you only the best technology for your fastest 4G experience

Get ready for AIS 4G ADVANCED

Experience the new AIS 4G ADVANCED service on your current ‘4G/3G ready’ package’ by simply following the checklist:

Check if your SIM card and smartphone support the 4G network. Just call
If your SIM card and smartphone are ‘4G ready’, follow this link for the setup information: Click
If your SIM card does not support the 4G network, you can replace your SIM card at any AIS shop, Telewiz or AIS Buddy shop nationwide, free of charge!
If your device does not support the 4G network, we would like to recommend our new AIS SUPER COMBO LAVA 4G. For more information, Click

1 Settings for AIS 4G

Mobile Settings for AIS 4G ADVANCED


When the set-up done, recommend to turn off and turn on your device for the new 4G experience.

2 Settings for VoLTE

How to start with VoLTE HD voice

To subscribe

press *412*1#

To unsubscribe

press *412*2#

Compatible smartphones for VoLTE

  • To ensure that you’re calling on VoLTE service, please notice 4G signal while calling on your iPhone or VoLTE symbol for all Android phone.
  • Supported iOS version 11.2.6 or later
  • Before setting please update Carrier to AIS 27.2 or later by goes to Setting > General > About. If your iPhone is not latest version, it will show an updated button.

  • 1
    Go to Setting Menu.

  • 2
    Choose Connection.

  • 3
    Choose Mobile mode.

  • 4
    Choose Network mode.

  • 5
    Choose “LTE/3G/2G” (auto connect).

  • 6
    Enable VoLTE.
  • *Please update to latest Android version

Q & A

When can I start using the AIS 4G?
AIS customers can now use the 4G ADVANCED network on the 1800 MHz band from your current package that already supported 4G/3G.
What is the service fee?
The fee will be the same as the customer’s current package.
Do I need to subscribe to the AIS 4G package in order to use the 4G service?
There are a variety of 4G packages available for both prepaid and postpaid customers. You can also subscribe to a one-time-use 4G on-top internet package if you prefer. For more information, visit www.ais.coth/4g. If you are already subscribed to an internet package, you can use 4G directly from your current package.
What is Fair Usage Policy (FUP)?
"Fair Usage policy" is a policy that results in the reduction of 4G speed after a user has reached the data limit. This policy has been implemented internationally to ensure that the quality of 4G/3G service is equally provided to all users. Fair usage policy is a standard for 4G data usage implemented by mobile carriers all over the world. This will prevent users who may use the data service for the wrong purpose, such as using a modem-modified phone to load BitTorrent files, which reduces overall speed for all 4G users. For quality assurance, AIS has implemented this policy to provide quality service to all customers. The reason for the “Fair Usage Policy” implementation is that some users wrongly use the ¬unlimited data packages with a modem-modified phone or Aircard to download BitTorrent files (BitTorrent is best used on ADSL line), which reduces overall speed for all internet users. Based on these facts, the “Fair Usage Policy” is beneficial for all customers because they can choose their own data package to match their needs without paying as much as the heavy users. Mostly package of 4G can use the Internet at full speed without reducing the speed but when used until then will be charged according to actual usage of each package charge (Pay Per Use).
Is the data charge for excess usage (Pay Per Use) any different for 4G compared to 3G?
The charges remain the same based on your current package.
How can customers self-subscribe to the 4G package?
You can subscribe to the 4G service via the eService or you can find all the information you need to complete self-subscription at
What are new add-on services on the 4G service?
You can enjoy a whole new experience with a full complement of entertainment services that include movies, TV series, sports, cartoons, TV shows and Karaoke, all available right at your fingertips. Complete your digital lifestyle with our AIS PLAY application.
How can I check to see if my SIM card and phone is compatible with the 4G network?
You can press *987# free of charge.
If Your SIM Card or Handset is not compatible AIS 4G ADVANCED, please contact AIS Shop or authorized dealer nationwide to upgrade your SIM card free + buy new 4G device with valued offer from AIS
(Getting Ready for AIS 4G ADVANCED)
What are the factors affecting 4G usage (speed)?
Can customers with a Multi SIM device use the AIS 4G ADVANCED on all the SIM cards?
Yes. You can use the AIS 4G ADVANCED on all the SIM cards by changing the setting on each of the cards to the 4G setting and then turning the device off and back on again.
How to check your remaining 4G internet?
For Postpaid customer please dial ∗121∗22# (Free) , Prepaid customer please dial ∗121∗32# (Free)
iPhone or iPad customer selected LTE the display will show as following, Is it safe?

It’s safe to select Enable. Currently, AIS and Apple have been developing software to improve the efficiency and will announce in beginning of 2016.
What technology is used for this service?
AIS 4G ADVANCED runs on cutting-edge LTE ADVANCED technology and equipment using a combination of world standard 4G on 900MHz, 1800MHz and 2100MHz bandwidths.
How is the AIS 4G ADVANCED signal broadcast in different areas?
The system is designed to best support internet data usage in urban areas.
  • Using small cells to transmit signals outside buildings and many popular areas such as the Highway flea market, Soi Ari, Chinatown and other densely populated areas.
  • MIMO devices are used to transmit signal within buildings, large shopping malls and community malls such as Central World, Siam Square or Siam Paragon. With double the speed, the interior coverage is 4 times better using the seamless 3G and 4G service switching.
  • • All service stations are networked nationwide via more than 150,000 kilometers of fiber optic cables in total.