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Open a new number, " SIM Sawasdee Nan Nan"  
For opening the new numbers from October 1st – 31th, 2011.
Receive promotion 2.50 Baht per minute all  network 24 hour.

Call Rate (Included VAT) 24 hours
  • Call All network 2.50 Baht per minute.
Validity Period
  • 180 days from activation.
Top up
  • Free call bonus worth 15 Baht (valid for 30 days).
  • 30 validity days.
  • Customers can check free call bonus via *121*1#
  • Customers can check its balance via *121#
  • (1 SMS/day for 1 year) without any fee
  • When access Sawasdee Sim, get the right to apply Calling Melody only 19 Baht/month (From 35 Baht) with free calling melody station 5 Songs/month (6 months) via *230 ( 3 Baht/minute)
  • When access One-2-Call! Sim and Sawasdee Sim, get Agriculture Goods Price SMS (1 SMS/day for 1 year) without any fee

Agriculture Goods Price Registration Cancelation
Rubber tree *426440111 *426440199
Cassava *426440122 *426440198
Oil Palm *426440133 *426440197
Shrimp *426440144 *426440196
Egg *426440155 *426440195
Rice *426440166 *426440194

Terms & Conditions
  1. Call rate, inclusive of VAT, is applicable only to domestic calls and is not applicable to value added services except Call Waiting & Holding , Call Forward and Talk2Group (Call Conference) services.
  2. In case of making a switch to another call plan, call rate quoted here will no longer be applied. 
  3. Once a call plan expires, a new call rate will be assigned automatically or customers can pick a new call plan from choices available at the time.
  4. Call plan switch fee is 30 Baht (first time is free of charge). Account balance and validity after the switch will either remain the same or depend on terms & conditions of a new chosen call plan.
  5. Only for customer who has at least 200 bath topping up for 30 days validity and has registered within 30 days that is applicable to recieve *140 validity transfering service.
  6. Only for customer who has registered at least 90 days that is applicable to use *140 balance transfering service.
  7. The company reserves the right to adjust call rate and terms & conditions without prior notice.

Conditions of bonus free calls
  1. Check free call bonus balance via *121*1# and check the account balance on a SIM via *121# .
  2. Free call bonus balance is to be deducted first. Once it is used up, current balance will then be deducted.
  3. Free call bonus is applicable to calls to all networks, international calls and sending domestic SMSes.
  4. When free call bonus is used up, current balance will be deducted based on call rate applied to a chosen call plan.
  5. When free call bonus is used up, the line will be automatically cut off. Current balance will then be deducted for subsequent calls.
  6. Free call bonus will be carried over to a new call plan in case of call plan switch.
  7. Free call bonus is applicable to Call Me Back Service. (for the part of recipient)
  8. Free call bonus received from SIM’s first time activation is valid for 30 days (except for “One-2-Call! 300 Baht” plan whose free call bonus is valid for 180 days) and is nontransferable.
  9. Free call bonus cannot be used to pay for bolt on service of unlimited buffet calls, sign up fee and value added services fee.
  10. One-2-Call!customers who use Grammy Music SIM for 11 pm - 5 pm and Wan-Yen pro from 10 pm - 6 pm, incapable to deduct from free call bonus but current balance.