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One-2-Call! Top Up Channels
One-2-Call! Top Up Card
Extending your happy moments via top up cards.

Authorized Dealers of one-2-call! top up cards
Freedom to get One-2-Call! top up cards at over 100 authorized dealers nationwide at a uniform price.
Authorized Dealers
One-2-Call! Cash Card
Enjoy more facilities to top up balances with only one card, cash card allows you to pay for services of Online Games, Internet or International Call.
More Information
Top Up channels

Fast Refill Top Up
Press * 120 * 16-digit PIN#

IVR Top Up
1. Scratch off the scratch panel on the back of your top up card to reveal PIN.
2. Press *120 (toll free)
3. Wait for the voice prompt to enter 13-digit top up card PIN.

If you fail to press the right PIN more than 12 times, your number will be barred temporarily. Please contact AIS Call Center at 1175.