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Top up cards
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Why do One-2-Call! customers have to use top up cards?
Top up card stores PIN needed to top up account balance and validity balance. It is for your own interest that you should not reveal top up PIN to others in order to prevent them to use it.

How do you count One-2-Call! validity days?
Validity period shall count from the date of top up. If you top up 800 Baht and 100 validity days to your phone and your account balance is used up before reaching the 100th day (expired date). You can still receive calls and SMSes untill the 100th day counting from the date of top up. On the expired date, you will be notified that your number is no longer capable of receiving any calls. At this point all your incoming calls will be reported via SMSes only. However, you will be reminded to top up before your number expired.

Can I use several One-2-Call! top up cards with different value to top up my account balance and if so what would be my validity balance?
Yes, you can use several top up cards to top up your phone and your validity balance would be extended automatically. If you top up your phone with a 800 Baht top up card (100 validity days) and a 500 Baht top up card (50 validity days), you will earn 1,300 Baht to your account balance and extend your validity period by another 150 days.

How do I know when my One-2-Call! account balance is running out?
You will be automatically notified by periodic beeps if your account balance is equal to or less than 50 Baht. Everytime you make an outgoing call, you will hear a beep before the call is placed. A beep will also go off during your conversation when you have 3 minutes of talktime left. At the last minute of your talktime the beep will become more frequent during your conversation. The line will be cut off immediately when your account balance is used up. After that you will be reminded periodically to have your phone topped up via SMSes at various intervals; before your number is temporarily suspended, before it is suspended and before it is permanently suspended. Please bear in mind that if you would like to keep your number, you should top up your phone before your number is permanently suspended.

If I buy a One-2-Call! top up card and find out later that the card is already expired, can I exchange it for a new one?
No, you cannot. You should make sure everytime you buy top up card that it is still valid.

If I enter the wrong top up PIN more than 4 times, can I have a go at it again after that?
No, you cannot. If you have already failed to enter the correct top up PIN for 4 times, you should not attempt to enter top up PIN again after the fourth try otherwise your number will be barred. You should bring your top up card to your nearest AIS Shop nationwide.

If I scratch the panel at the back of top up card to get top up PIN but some of the numbers are missing or illegible, what should I do?
Contact your the dealer whom you buy your top up card from or your nearest AIS Shop.

If I cannot top up my phone via a top up card, who should I contact?
If you cannot top up your card, please listen attentively to IVR message on why your phone cannot be topped up, e.g. failure to enter the correct PIN, top up amount exceeding maximum amount allowed. To find out more details, please call AIS Call Center at 1175 or bring your top up card to your nearest AIS Shop nationwide.